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Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community

The Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community is citizens, families, neighbours, service providers, businesses and community leaders who believe in the power of community. We want to become one of Canada’s most compassionate communities.


The Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community believes that everyone who needs care deserves GREAT care. Our community is taking action to build a community care system that is good enough for our parents, our children, and ourselves.


WECCC is working to ensure Windsor and Essex county are recognized and celebrated as communities where:

  • People can count on their neighbours and friends for extra help…

  • The community wraps around people in distress and figures out how to help…

  • People and their care partners find it easy to help themselves and are truly in charge of their life long care journey…

  • Formal care programs, friends and volunteers, self-care and technology work collectively to achieve a person and families’ most important goals…

  • The community uses its assets wisely and measures itself to ensure good quality of life is within reach of all community members, with extra care for its most vulnerable…

We Aspire 

We aspire to raise happiness, improve quality of life and reduce inequities for elderly and vulnerable citizens in Windsor-Essex. We know service to others and to the community makes each of us happier, healthier and stronger. Working together, our impact is greater and our community thrives and prospers.


Feeling lonely?  Struggling with health, disability or other serious issues? Need help?  Call us! Our trained Connectors will help you take action to improve your life.  Check-in support is available to make sure you have the support you need.              for more information.

WECCC is a community service provided by the Community Support Centre of Essex

962 Old Tecumseh Rd, Belle River, ON N0R 1A0 


Phone: 519-728-1435 ext 208  
Toll Free: 1-855-728-1433
Email: weccc-info@communitysupportcentre.ca; OR info@weccc.ca