Services and Action Projects

Our unique WECCC system is designed to strengthen and bridge physical, mental, social and spiritual care across the lifespan.  
We work with partners to encourage individuals to self-rate their quality of life; offer them goal-oriented action planning to address their unique challenges and opportunities; and generate information to aid community and neighbourhood connection, system navigation, and care provision – see below for details of services currently provided. 
WECCC services are available through the WECCC Project Management Office at Hospice, as well as through our compassion care hub partners and some of our partner agencies. WECCC services work best when they are interconnected.

CARING CONVERSATIONS (Quality Of Life Self-Assessment) 

We support the use of a shared quality of life self-assessment tool (Neighbours survey) across the whole community. Various formats to deliver this survey have been tested:
•    Through a 1:1 personal interview with a volunteer, individuals are encouraged to talk about their story, their wishes, the things they love to do, who they spend time with, and what they would like to do more of. 
•    Individuals can complete an online version of the Neighbours survey without assistance. 
•    We Care Let’s Talk is a scheduled event to engage the general public and people in groups in self-rating their quality of life. Volunteers at these sessions spread the word about being a compassionate community and how we can all make a difference. 

Each participant receives their own personalized report with suggestions as to how they might address their unique challenges and opportunities related to physical, mental health, social, and spiritual wellness. Community partners receive a quarterly report with group results. The community also has access in near real time to population health outcomes and progress over time.


WECCC services include Sharing My Journey (1-on -1 goals support), Loneliness and Advanced Care Planning workshops, and NEIGHBOURs. WECCC services work best when they are interconnected.
Sharing My Journey (1:1 goals support)
Trained staff and volunteers provide one-to-one in home support for person-directed goals, making community connections, and exchanging information with care providers. This sets up a life-long process of community care and connection. Our team offers active practical and motivational support dependent on the needs and goals of the individual (typically 6 to 12 months). We also provide regular check-ins to all our members who no longer need active support – membership is open for life. This connection lets people know the community is there for them over the long-term, which fuels community building, a sense of belonging and opportunities to give back.
Loneliness Education
This is a 1.5 hour interactive information session on the topic of loneliness.  Loneliness can be as bad for health as smoking 15 cigarettes / day. Most of us are at risk as various life circumstances predispose us to experience loneliness. We provide information about why loneliness is occurring, how to prevent it and how to overcome it. Individuals who have attended these sessions indicate that this is information that everyone needs to know about and others have indicated that this information has changed the way they think – they know they have to be connected to be happy!
Advanced Care Planning education
This workshop raises awareness about the importance of communicating our wishes about personal care, if we are unable to speak for ourselves, and provides valuable information for making decisions about care at times of health crisis, or end of life. Advance care planning describes what kind of care you would want (or not want) if you were unable to make health care decisions. Information about health care consent and substitute decision-making is also addressed. Through workshops, seminars, or individual sessions, participants are given the materials, resources and guidance needed to complete an advance care plan.  Participants are also encouraged to contact us at any time if they have questions or need further assistance.
People, agencies, volunteers, and community partners work together to build strong neighbourhoods, where people care for and support each other.  Informed by their quality of life self-assessment, Neighbours participants identify opportunities and activities they would like to do more and/or skills and talents they would like to exchange with others.  Resident leaders, agencies and community partners work together to create these opportunities wherever possible, such as hosting a new social activity, or making a new connection with informal resources in the surrounding community. Volunteers are an important component to the Neighbours program. Volunteer roles include: Engaging people using the Neighbours survey; friendly visiting/phone calls to people who identify themselves as lonely; following up to invite and bring people to activities based on the person’s interests; connecting residents to each other based on shared interests; involving people in asking for help from each other; and supporting people who want to organize their own activities.  
WECCC can help kick-start the development of a Neighbours team through helping to mobilize volunteers and providing on-going training and mentorship, in mapping community resources, and in identifying community partners willing to offer new topics of interest – for example, Let’s Talk Pharmacy; health education about exercise, nutrition, falls prevention; cyber security, etc. 


WECCC members are assisted to:

•    Do the things they love to do 
•    Be connected to reduce loneliness  

•    Ensure they know where to get the help they need when they need it

•    Achieve their life goals and aspirations  

•    Reach out through a neighbourly approach to assist others in need  
Contact us to learn more about WECCC services and action projects, and to find out how you can participate.