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Sunshine In A Box

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Covid19 Resources

During this time our WECCC team is working hard to ensure that our members and the community have their needs met. To help with this process the team has compiled a list of contacts that will help wit

Neighbour Helping Neighbour

On September 12, two Margaret Ave. neighbours – Bob DeBergh (left) and Laurence Bauhaus (right) – were spotted working together, side-by-side, painting the one neighbour’s fence. A third neighbour, wh

WECCC believes in harnessing the power of community

The Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community movement is an innovative new approach to social and health care and they want to hear from you! Click the article below to learn more! https://static.wixs


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May 31, 2022



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Feb 28, 2020

Assumption Cares, WECCC and Kindness Café are proud to announce that our "Sunshine In A Box" event was a success! We received a bundle of donations to help keep people warm and fed during our cold seasons. Downtown Mission, Street Help and the Welcome Centre will all benefit! Thank you to all of those involved including Lisa Gretzky's office, Percy Hatfield's office, guests, volunteers, students, staff and everyone who helped spread the word!

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