Program Posters

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Connection Cafe: Education and Connection Series

Caregiving For Serious Illness

Persian Connection Cafe

مقهى التواصل العربي

مقهى لكبار السن العرب للتواصل عبر المكالمات الهاتفية

Tamil Connection Cafe: Phone Based Cafe for Tamil Seniors

Hindi Connection Cafe:
Games and Activities for Seniors

Arabic Connection Cafe
Phone Based Cafe for Arabic Seniors

Living My Best Life

The TED Talk Club

Fitness and Movement

Cardio + Tai Chi Group Practice

Youth Crew

Fitness For Everyone

Junior Crew

Art, Music, Healing and Wellness

Jammin' For Wellness Weekly Jam

Painting For Seniors

Music Connection: Connecting Through Music

Grief Series

Grief Support 

Community Dialogue and Workshop Series

Compassionate Communities Information Drop-In

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Action for Happiness Group Meeting

Ask Us Anything!

The Essentially Well Program

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