Program Posters

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Connection Cafe: Education and Connection Series

Caregiving For Serious Illness

Arabic Connection Cafe
Phone Based Cafe for Arabic Seniors

Living My Best Life

Persian Connection Cafe

مقهى التواصل العربي

مقهى لكبار السن العرب للتواصل عبر المكالمات الهاتفية

Hindi Connection Cafe

Tamil Connection Cafe

Fitness and Movement

Cardio + Tai Chi Group Practice

Fitness For Everyone

Youth Crew

Art, Music, Healing and Wellness

Jammin' For Wellness Weekly Jam

Painting For Seniors

Music Connection: Connecting Through Music

Guitar Lessons

Grief Series

Grief Support 

Community Dialogue and Workshop Series

Compassionate Communities Information Drop-In

Ask Us Anything!

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Action for Happiness Group Meeting

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