About Us


Under the leadership of the Hospice of Windsor-Essex Inc, the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community (WECCC) was founded in 2014. We want Windsor and Essex county to be recognized as some of the most compassionate communities in Canada.  
WECCC’s mission is to support all individuals to live their best lives possible. We serve the elderly, the disabled, people with chronic disease, those who are vulnerable or at risk of isolation, and family members – that is, virtually all of us. Everyone can participate – everyone can help themselves – everyone can also help others.


WECCC partners with community groups and volunteers to improve individual and community quality of life. 
1. We engage community partners and train volunteers. 
2. We help people to recognize social and other risks to their health and take action.
3. We support people in goal-oriented action planning and system navigation to address their current and future needs and wishes and build their own unique network of care and support.
4. We work with individuals and community partners to create more opportunities for social participation. 
5. We use new technologies to measure and improve quality of life. 

Our Priorities

  1. Working across community to address loneliness and isolation through building resilient neighbourhoods

  2. Connecting our most vulnerable with community – including people who are homeless or living with low income who are dealing with health or life challenges

  3. Building a community system to support people and caregivers dealing with serious illness, death, dying, loss and bereavement

  4. Making it normal to talk about future wishes and advanced care planning

Our Values

Our community is built on Compassion; Trust; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; and Citizenship. 

A fully compassionate community connects, contributes and creates together.

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