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Are you a partner agency, group or individual who is looking for ways to support people in your community? Our tool kits have been created to provide you with the support and information you need to raise equity and improve quality of life for yourself or those around you. ​

Click here to know launch a Compassionate Community?

Click here to visit Healthy Aging - ICope

Other Resources

Project Big Life

WECCC is partnered with Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to help you calculate your health and life expectancy. Take our life expectancy survey by clicking here .

Advance Care Planning

Our movement is working towards improving quality of life by ensuring that you are well taken care of in the event that you are unable to advocate for yourself. Download our Advance Care Planning booklet PDF (EnglishFrench) to make sure you are prepared. Be sure to also check out the Power of Attorny

Stamp Out Loneliness 

Do you know that loneliness is as harmful to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day? This is why WECCC is working together with partner agencies and individuals to empower people to stay connected to the community.  Click here and here to find out more

Resource Guide

Click here to view resources by population group guide.

Click here to view service guide.

Click here to view virtual resource guide.

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