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Our Services

Our Services

WECCC is a program under the Community Support Centre of Essex County. WECCC is a community care system that wraps around our most vulnerable populations of people. 

WECCC puts people in charge of their own life journey and connects them with formal and informal supports delivered through programs; neighbors; volunteers; technology and self-care.

The Virtual Community Centre (VCC) and the Volunteer Application are essential components of the WECCC work.

Compassion Care Community members can choose some or all of the following services:

  • Connections: Trained connectors work 1:1 with people to self-rate their health and well-being, set goals, navigate resources, make connections, and personalize schedules and resources. Information about the person’s goals, future wishes, and support network can be shared with care providers for integrated planning and risk management

  • Activities: Access to community-building events, community hubs and our Virtual Community Centre which offers:

    • Support and education groups

    • Social inclusion opportunities including the Importance of Being Connected workshops, Connection Café for group-based peer support, and virtual meetups

    • Intergenerational and peer led shared interest activities and groups – including art, music, recreation, health, education, exercise, nutrition, and general interest

    • Cross-promotion of health programs and activities of other CCC partners

    • Wellness fairs, community philanthropy, community challenge and recognition events

    • See for details

  • Matching: Access to matching technologies to find volunteers, companions, develop skills and to create the opportunities that are most important to each participant

  • Check-in: On-going support to ensure participants remain on track for goal achievement and dealing with emerging problems. 

The WECCC System

WECCC partners with community groups and volunteers to improve individual and community quality of life

  1. We engage community partners and train volunteers. 

  2. We help people to recognize social and other risks to their health and take action.

  3. We support people in goal-oriented action planning and system navigation to address their current and future needs and wishes and build their own unique network of care and support.

  4. We work with individuals and community partners to create more opportunities for social participation. 

  5. We use new technologies to measure and improve quality of life. 

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