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How to Get Involved? 

There are a number of ways people, agencies, and organizations can support the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community movement. Please contact us to learn more about:


  • How to live your best life possible. 

  • Being a community partner.

  • Scheduling a free educational workshop for your group.

  • Starting up a Neighbours program, or a neighbourhood exchange.

  • Volunteering.

  • Tools your family, group or agency can use to support others.

  • Population health research.

  • Community quality of life tracking.

Join the Movement

Are you an agency located in Windsor or Essex County that is interested in joining our movement? Take a look at our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to see how we can work together to serve your already existing clients or members. When you are ready, call us at the number located on the top of the form.  Click here to download our MOU


Our Citizens Table meets throughout the year to hear about the progress the movement is making, what obstacles the community is facing and how we can work together to resolve these issues. By joining the meetings you will have a voice and will have a voice in how we move forward to support our most vulnerable citizens and their families. Call us today 519-974-2581 Ext. 2420

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