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The WECCC Model


The Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community initiative aims to improve quality of life, health, and wellness of seniors and caregivers by identifying upstream and downstream opportunities and addressing them within and outside formal systems. CCC aims to create holistic, dynamic, and unique community circles of care for each person based on the important activities, opportunities, challenges and unmet needs they identify. This model attends to each person’s physical, mental, social and spiritual health and can benefit everyone along a spectrum from healthy aging, chronic disease, frailty, serious illness, end of life, loss and grief. By actively partnering with traditionally underserved communities, we aim to reduce health inequities.


Compassion Care Community members can choose some or all of the following services:

  • Connections: Trained connectors work 1:1 with people to self-rate their health and well-being, set goals, navigate resources, make connections, and personalize schedules and resources. Information about the person’s goals, future wishes, and support network can be shared with care providers for integrated planning and risk management

  • Activities: Access to community-building events, community hubs and our Virtual Compassion Care Community Centre which offers:

    • Support and education groups

    • Social inclusion opportunities including the Importance of Being Connected workshops, Connection Café for group-based peer support, and virtual meetups

    • Intergenerational and peer led shared interest activities and groups – including art, music, recreation, health, education, exercise, nutrition, and general interest

    • Cross-promotion of health programs and activities of other CCC partners

    • Wellness fairs, community philanthropy, community challenge and recognition events

  • Matching: Access to matching technologies to find volunteers, companions, develop skills and to create the opportunities that are most important to each participant

  • Check-in: On-going support to ensure participants remain on track for goal achievement and dealing with emerging problems.


In addition, our student training program provides enhanced education across a variety of career pathways on a health promoting care, palliative approach to care, personalized care, holistic

health, and community-based approaches to address population vulnerabilities and social determinants of health, as well as new ways to connect young people with seniors.



Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community

Phone: 519-728-1435 ext 208

Toll Free: 1-855-728-1433


WECCC is a program of the Community Support Centre of Essex County

Identifying people who could use community help

Caring Conversations (Neighbours survey)

We are promoting the use of a shared quality of life self-assessment tool (Neighbours survey) across the whole community. Each survey participant receives their own personalized report with suggestions as to how they might address their unique challenges and opportunities related to physical, mental health, social, and spiritual wellness. Community partners receive a quarterly report with group results. The community also has access in near real time to population health outcomes and progress over time. 

First Response@ WECCC

We are partnering with Emergency Medical Services, Police, and Fire services to ensure people who may be isolated receive information about how they can get connected through WECCC.

Click the button above to take our Neighbors survey to see how you can live your best life possible!

Supporting Individuals And Families

Sharing My Journey: 1:1 support 

Trained staff and volunteers provide one-to-one in home support to people with serious illness and their families for person-directed goals, making community connections, system navigation, personalized care planning with service providers, and sharing time and talents to help others. This sets up a life-long process of community care and connection. Our Vulnerable Persons’ Program has a focus on working with individuals who are homeless, living in poverty or extremely isolated (including those with mental health and addictions needs)

Health Tapestry@ WECCC

Primary care providers are increasing access to health and community-based programs by bringing together inter-professional health care teams, volunteers, community linkage and technology.   

Educating Community

Advanced Care Planning

Raises awareness about the importance of communicating our wishes about personal care, if we are unable to speak for ourselves.

Being Connected (Loneliness Education)

This is a 1.5 hour interactive information session on the topic of loneliness. We provide information about why loneliness is occurring, how to prevent it and how to overcome it.

Building Connected Neighbourhoods

Neighbours Teams

People, agencies, volunteers, and community partners work together to build strong neighbourhoods, where people care for and support each other.  We organize activities for people to meet, match and exchange interests and experiences with each other. Informed by their quality of life self-assessment, Neighbours participants identify opportunities and activities they would like to do more and/or time and talents they would like to share with others.  

Compassion Care Hubs

We are working with local champions to build a network of compassionate community hubs across Windsor and Essex county, to improve access and reach hard to serve populations

Compassionate Kingsville

Assumption Cares (West Windsor)

Compassionate Amherstburg

Compassionate University of Windsor

WeTrans - Strengthening our Trans and Queer community, their families friends and allies 

Public Awareness 

WECCC hosts regular public events including: Compassion awards; Art Competitions; Music Competition; Book readings;  Compassion Week at the Mall;  Conference workshops, community dialogues, etc


WECCC has been designed as a long-term population health research initiative and learning health system. We are currently participating in the following research studies:

  1. College Social Innovation Fund (with Humber college) 1.

  2. Community Care Management System (with University of Windsor)

  3. Simple C Companion (with Simple C)

  4. RESPECT End of Life Calculator (with Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)

  5. Health Tapestry Trial (with McMaster)

  6. INSPIR to Pharmacy (with McMaster and U of T) 

  7. Neighbourhood Trial Project (feasibility with HPCO Research COP)

  8. Developmental evaluation of compassionate communities in Ontario (with HPCO)

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