Virtual Kids Talent Contest

May 9 to May 31

Winners will receive a $1,000 prize package to pursue their passion.

Calling all Kids: What’s your passion?

Even though we can’t be physically together, our community wants to celebrate you and your talent by launching our first annual Virtual Kids’ Talent Contest! 


The contest is open to any child 0 to 18 years of age living in Windsor or Essex county. Any and all talents are welcome. Submit a short video showcasing your talent. Contest rules and instructions are provided below. Videos are accepted until May 31, 2021. Winners will be determined by a volunteer panel of Celebrity Judges. Winners will be announced June 23, 2021. Winners will be selected for each age and talent category. Each winner will receive a $1,000 prize package of lessons or equipment to pursue their passion.


In a compassionate community, people can share their time and talent with others, and children are supported by their community to thrive.


This contest is dedicated to the memory of Bill Pillon, a great father and grandfather, and to those the community has lost due to the pandemic.

Registration is now closed. Thank you for participating!

Names of all winners will be publicly announced on June 23, 2021.







Community Supporters:

Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community, St. Clair College, Families First, Family Services Windsor Essex, Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, Community Support Centre of Essex County, City of Windsor, Toldo Foundation, Windsor Spits, Windsor Regional Hospital, Janisse Funeral Homes, UHC- Hub of Opportunities, United Way, Jeff Burrows, Rick LaBonte, Windsor Police, Assumption Cares/Assumption Church

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Windsor Essex Virtual Kids' Talent Contest Rules

   1. Getting started – Registration Required

  1. Any child or youth 0 to 18 years of age can participate in the Windsor and Essex Virtual Kid’s Talent Contest if they are a resident of Windsor and Essex County.

  2. Contest participation is free.

  3. All contestants must complete a Registration Form in order to enter the contest.  Registration is open from May 9 to 31.    

  4. For children 16 years of age or younger, a parent or legal guardian must complete the Registration Form on their behalf, and provide permission to enter the contest.

  5. Children who live in the same household may register as a team and submit a joint video – but only one prize per winning video will be awarded. (Given current public health restrictions, partners or teams outside of single households are not allowed).

  6. Once registered, you will receive a Confirmation of Registration and instructions.


   2. Creating a Video to Showcase your Talent

  1. Each contestant must submit a short video (3 minutes or less) that demonstrates their chosen talent – only one video per child may be submitted.

  2. Types of talent: Anything. Some examples include singing, dancing, art, magic, most talented baby, comedy, juggling, sports, photography, fossil collecting, pottery, cake decorating, origami, sewing (this is not an exhaustive list). If a child is willing to share their passion, the judges want to see it. We encourage kids to think out of the box.

  3. Contestants can only submit a video representing their own personal talents.

  4. Each child will introduce their video by stating their name, their age, their talent, and a few words to describe to the judges how they use their talent, and why it is meaningful to them. For younger children, a parent can introduce their video.

  5. Videos submitted must have been created no earlier than April 2021.


   3. Submitting your video

  1. All videos must be uploaded to Google Drive and shared via the Contest Entry Form which will be emailed to you following Contest Registration.

  2. Once videos are received the contestant will receive confirmation that their registration and video are approved for review by our Preliminary Judges.

  3. All participants consent to having our Preliminary Judges contact them for confirmation of age, residence and additional evidence of the talent when requested.

  4. Videos containing inappropriate language, nudity, sexuality, or situations where the child may be experiencing harm are not allowed. Videos not meeting this standard will be destroyed or passed on to appropriate authorities.

  5. All participants consent to have their contest entry videos verified by the date the video was made.


   4. Judging

  1. The event will be broken down into 3 age groups 0-6, 7-12, 13-18 and talent categories.

  2. Preliminary judges will volunteer in each talent category area to help identify exceptional talent for our Celebrity Judges to then make their final selections for prizes. Celebrity Judges are leaders in our community who are volunteering their time to help with a fun community activity. Judging is done virtually.

  3. Videos will be judged on a number of criteria including talent and skill level, originality, creativity, performance, humour and costuming.

  4. The Celebrity Judges decisions are final.


   5. Prizes

  1. All winners will receive $1,000 worth of lessons in their chosen talent or equipment that support their chosen talent – cash only prizes will not be provided.

  2. In the spirit of good sportsmanship all winners will receive a prize of equivalent value.

  3. Winners and their families will be consulted as to their preferences for the lessons and/or equipment they will receive as their prize. Where possible, local artisans impacted by COVID will be engaged to provide the lessons.

  4. Prizes being awarded have been generously donated by our community sponsors. The number of prizes will be determined by the number of sponsorships.  Sponsorship spots are available up until the June 15, 2021.


   6. Additional Rules

  1. By registering and participating in the Talent Contest all participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations they have received.

  2. Promotors, organizers, or sponsors assisting in the Talent Contest are not responsible for death, injury, damage, liability, theft, fire, or any loss to any contestants.

  3. Any contestant found to be cheating will be disqualified.

  4. It is our intention to provide an honest and fun sportsmanlike contest. Contestants are reminded that community spirit and goodwill will prevail in all judgements.

  5. All questions or problems relating to the rules of this talent Contest are to be referred to Joe Perry ( or 1-844-836-2273. His decision will be final in all cases.

  6. All COVID-19 Public Health Rules must be followed by all participants.

  7. Practise Safety at all times!

   7. Privacy

  1. All videos, images and sound tracks submitted to the contest remain the property of the child and/or their parent or guardian.

  2. Contestant videos will be treated as strictly private and will only be made available for judges to view solely for the purposes of declaring contest winners.

  3. Following the conclusion of the contest, WECCC retains the right to approach contestants to seek additional permission to use selected contest videos to create a 2021 Virtual Kids’ Talent Contest Highlights video for public viewing and entertainment. For example, we would love to create and share a talent video with isolated seniors, grandparents, and others in the community who are still being negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. Subject to any further rights of use being granted, at the conclusion of the talent contest, the child’s video will be removed from the Contest site and permanently deleted.


   8. Key Dates and Timelines

  1. The Talent Contest video submission opens May 9th, 2021.

  2. Videos may be submitted/uploaded no later than May 31, 2021.

  3. Winners will be contacted on June 20, 2021.

  4. Names of all winners will be publicly announced on June 23, 2021.

  5. Winners choosing to participate in the public prize ceremony will be asked for a pre-recorded video which will be displayed through WECCC and other sponsor’s social media, as well as other local media sources.