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Free ice cream to promote volunteerism with the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community

The Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community (WECCC) is in search of volunteers to help support its programs. We are inviting the public to attend our free Ice Cream Social at Evangel Bible Church at 3149 Forest Glade Drive, July 25th from 6 pm to 8 pm to learn more about our new volunteer roles and to sign up to support the community. We can all play a role in helping to create a community that is truly compassionate and attends to its most vulnerable citizens. This includes people who are elderly, people living with disabilities, and those who live in isolation.

New volunteer roles include:


LIFE AND LIVING WELL: In 4 different 1.5 hour social sessions, assist people to complete activities, help them record their own information to live a happy life and get the help they need when they need it.

SELF +1: Assist with 3 hour workshops to help people who are interested in creating compassionate communities and filling out assessments which leads to creating a personal plan to live well.


NEIGHBOURS HELPING NEIGHBOURS: Become part of a neighbourhood exchange whereas you assist neighbours to get help when they need it, use your skills, strengths and talents to help someone or help others to use their skills to help in their community.

HEALTH TAPESTRY: With another community volunteer, visit our clients in their homes to help them document their life and health goals, collect information, and in the process help clients stay healthier longer.

LONG-TERM COACH: Work with vulnerable persons, on a regular basis, to help organize the help they need to achieve what’s important to them. This may require long-term development to ensure a solid connection to community.

SHARING MY JOURNEY COACH: Assist patients, and or caregivers, with their health and well-being goals for their desired quality of life. Utilize a proactive approach that incorporates coaching, supports, and feedback.


YOUTH ENGAGEMENT AND VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT COORDINATOR: Build relationships with existing volunteers, engage youth, and new volunteers through events, social media, and networking.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST: Increase WECCC’s online presence by developing and maintaining strategies that include marketing, social media, and reporting methods like analytics.

– Submitted by the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community

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