Tecumseh Mall hosting Compassion Care Community Week

On Monday, March 25, 2019, Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community and Tecumseh Mall will be hosting a Compassion Care Community Week in the mall just inside a retail space beside the North West entrance at the end of the food court.

This unique week-long event focuses on having conversations with people in the community to hear their stories and find out what matters most to them. WECCC provides free support across Windsor-Essex to ensure people have the supports to do what they love, develop connections to reduce social isolation, and to know where to get help when needed.

WECCC is a movement aimed at supporting Windsor-Essex to become one of the most compassionate communities in the country where we look out for and take responsibility for one another.


The Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community is citizens, families, neighbours, service providers, businesses and community leaders who believe in the power of community. We want to become one of Canada’s most compassionate communities.


Phone: 519-974-2581 Ext 2420

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