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Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community blood drive August 8

The Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community (WECCC) is partnering with Canadian Blood Services to host a blood drive on Thursday August 8th 2019 from 11am – 7 pm. The team at WECCC knows that we are all somebody’s type and therefore are inviting the public to come out to donate blood, learn more about WECCC and the Canadian Blood Services. If interested in donating blood please email Christie Nelson ( to book a time.

WECCC is a local not for profit movement that is working hard to raise equity and improve quality of life for local residents. After 4 years of working in the community of Windsor and Essex County, WECCC is also working with local retirement homes. The goal is to help stamp out loneliness and provide support for residents to engage with one another, avoid isolation and live longer, happy, healthier lives. Partnering opportunities are currently available.

The blood drive and partnership with Canadian Blood Services is only one of the ways WECCC is raising awareness about how its team is supporting the community, including retirement homes, meanwhile encouraging people to giving back with a blood donation. \

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